The Smile Studio blog has the assignment to give you an inside look into modern dentistry and in that way make our work closer to you. Read about the news in technology and techniques within modern dentistry and go through the descriptions of cases from our dental practice and in that way keep track of our work. Feel free to tell us which dentistry topics you’d like to read about and we’ll do our best to provide you with informative texts! :)

Reoccurring Oral Lesions – Canker Sores

Most of you have probably already had unpleasant experiences with small lesion or lesions in your mouth. Those of you who had more frequent occurrences of this problem most likely visited a dentist seeking help and found out that these reoccurring lesions are called canker

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Enamel erosion

Dental erosion is one of the growing issues in dentistry in the recent times. What is enamel, or to speak generally, dental erosion? Dental erosion is the permanent loss of hard dental structures caused by acidic substances. The dental structure that is most frequently damaged

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Specialization in Berlin

Technology and knowledge of oral implantology and dental medicine is advancing very quickly. By investing in knowledge and keeping up with the newest procedures and technologies we guarantee a better quality of service, less pain and safer and more efficient procedures and therapies for our

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Bruxism – teeth grinding

Bruxism is known as a problem with unconscious teeth grinding or excessive and unconscious jaw clenching. The forces that affect the teeth, gums and joints due to this problem are three times stronger than the ones that are used during chewing. There are two types

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Zubni implantati Rijeka

Dental implants and the implant procedure

In one of the previous articles we started the story about dental implants. In this article we will attempt to describe the entire implant therapy procedure. The first part of the implant is surgically implanted into the bone.  This procedure is done under local anesthesia

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Tooth nerve inflammation

What is a ‘nerve’ and what happens when bacteria enters this area? Dental pulp, better known as ‘the nerve’, is the inside soft part of the tooth, that among other things contains blood and nerve vessels.  This whole complex is responsible for feeding the tooth

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Knocked-out Tooth? Hurry!

A knocked out tooth caused by a trauma to the face or jaw, seems like a most severe form of tooth related trauma, at least from the perspective of the person that experienced this misfortune. Regardless whether it’s an isolated injury or it’s accompanied by

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Baby Teeth

Parents tend to have significantly different attitudes when it comes to caring for baby teeth. Some parents give great care to baby teeth, they get worried if their child didn’t start teething yet, they’re worried about the appearance of black spots on baby teeth, however,

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Tartar is not only an aesthetic problem

Dental Tartar – Not Only an Esthetic Issue

Almost everyone has had dental tartar cleaned, and you all know what that looks like. A majority of people also think this issue is only an esthetic flaw because it makes their teeth darker. However, the outer surface of a tooth also gets darker due

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Dental Implants – Why is the Brand Important?

Dental implants have been in use since the 60s, at which time the implant therapy was still in its development stage. During this period, the field of oral implantology amassed a lot of priceless experience. These days we consider this type of therapy to be

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How to stop smoking

How to Stop Smoking? Through Knowledge!

Knowing and understanding the facts that emerged from numerous medical research and practice in regards to the effect of smoking on oral and general health should be more than enough to give you a reason and motivation to quit smoking this very moment. The Effect

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