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The prices of Smile Studio’s dental service are up to 70% more affordable compared to those in other Northern European countries. Such significant price differences are only the result of lower work prices and expenses and are most definitely not caused by the use of lower quality materials. We use most recent technology and certified materials provided by world known manufacturers and for all our work, we give several year long warranties.

Here is a comparison of prices for some dental services:

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10 Years of Experience in Dental Tourism

If you’re not traveling to Rijeka on your own, Smile Studio will be happy to organize transportation to and from the airport, as well as book your accommodations. The accommodations are free of charge for all patients that require bigger and more complex therapies

Since the Kvarner area is also a very attractive tourist destination, we recommend that you take this opportunity and turn your visit to Smile Studio into an unforgettable vacation! More…

Individual Approach to Each Patient

Every patient is given all the necessary attention to assure that we completely understand the wishes related to your new future smile. We believe that only that way we can provide proper diagnosis and stay focused on the dental therapy plan.

In addition to that, we also grant each patient enough time to understand the treatment explanation and the reasons behind the suggested therapy. Our goal is to find an optimal solution for each patient.

Team of experts and top of the line technology

Every dentist in our team is specialized in either one or at the most two areas of dentistry, which means that your problems will always be dealt with by the most qualified doctors. This is also the reason why we are capable of solving the most complex of cases and our top of the line technology and equipment helps us do it in a better, quicker and easier way.

Painless and anti-stress experience

We all know that the visit to the dentist can be a stressful experience, so we did everything in our power to make it different. The Smile Studio clinic is designed in a way to relax you as much as possible.

Through personal approach, colors, music and a peaceful atmosphere we aim to please all your senses. We would like to point out that during all our procedures we use anesthesia which assures a completely painless experience.

Prevention over treatment

All procedures that take place, as a goal, always have prevention, maximum protection and preservation of your natural teeth. Great importance is placed on patient education, in order to help you achieve and maintain oral and dental health.

Shining smile for a new start

At the end of your visit to the Smile Studio you will have a new smile on your face and a new outlook on dentistry. This is enough to restart your life journey with a broad grin on your face.


PRGF-Endoret – plasma rich in growth factor

What is PRGF-Endoret?

PRGF-Endoret technology uses the substance known as plasma rich in growth factors. Our blood contains growth factors that are a key part in the healing process. When we isolate these growth factors and place them on the part that needs healing, the healing process is significantly accelerated. PRGF-Endoret technology enables us to use small blood contents to isolate growth factor and place it on a specific spot. Growth factors have a bacteriostatic effect and they also participate in pain repression. This substance is used in dermatology, traumatology, orthopedia, sports medicine, esthetic medicine and ophthamology. In dentistry, growth factors are applicable in the areas of surgery, implant dentistry and periodontology.

The procedure includes extracting a small quantity of blood just before the procedure. After the extraction, blood is centrifuged, dividing the plasma from the red and white blood cells. Plasma is the substance containing the growth factors that are then isolated, activated and used for achieving accelerated and quality healing of soft and hard tissue. In this way, we also decrease infection risk and avoid allergies.

Smile Studio’s dentists are all certified by the BTI institute (Vittoria-Gaseiz, Spain) in using PRGF-Endoret technology. Our specialists also attained necessary education from best lecturers and researchers in this field.

When do we use PRGF-Endoret technology?

At the Smile Studio we use PRGF-Endoret technology in following procedures:

· Tooth extraction – after extracting the tooth, previously occupied space now has a ‘hole’. This ‘hole’ is eventually filled up with bone tissue, but always with decreased bone height in that specific spot, which can negatively affect the implant attachment procedure or cause gum receding. By using growth factors the healing process is quicker and more substantial and complete. By using PRGF-Endoret, the hole will fill up with quality bone matter which will also eliminate or at least decrease the deficiency of the bone tissue on that spot.
· Implant attachment – used to improve the healing process and to accelerate the process of implant attachment. It also results in better bone quality around the implant. In this way, the implant surface is bioactivated and prepared for better attachment to bone cells.

What, precisely, does this mean for our patients?

We can renew the bone and quickly restore damaged tissue.
Using PRGF enables us to save teeth, which we would otherwise have to extract due to the lack of healing options.
This substance also enables the acceleration of implant attachment and healing tooth extraction wounds.


Safety of our patients, as well as our staff, is our imperative

In order to offer our patients the highest level of safety, therapists in the Smile Studio place special attention on sterilization and disinfection. By using class B autoclaves (Eschmann and Euronda) we fulfill the most demanding criteria of sterilization as well as the strictest standards of the World Health Organization (WHO).

For each patient, we use single-use aspiration needles, suction tips, plastic cups, masks, medical gloves, dental polishing disks, needles, injections, gauze, cotton gauze…

The instruments that cannot be sterilized in the autoclave are used only once, and are disposed after use. After each patient, all surfaces (dental chair as well as other working surfaces) are disinfected using appropriate disinfectants.

By approaching sterilization and disinfection in this way, we achieve best working conditions and minimize the possibility of infection.

For manufacturing zircon crowns and bridges we use CAD-CAM technology (Computer-aided design – Computer-aided technology). Digital design enables the most precise method of manufacturing crowns and bridges (manufactured by a Swiss company Nobel Biocare – Nobel Procera) today.

When it comes to x-ray scans we use Kodak RVG 6100, a digital radiography system with the highest current resolution available at the market. This device and its technology enable us to make your x-ray scan immediately with 90% less radiation than standard devices.

Smile Studio dental clinic has certificates for the use of world known Nobel Biocare, Astra Tech and AlphaBio implant systems.

We use biomaterials (artificial bone and membrane) manufactured by the Geistlich and Botiss corporation, Swiss and German experts in that field.

The clinic has the international iTOP certificate (individually Taught Oral Prophylaxis) for maintaining dental and oral cavity health, issued by the Swiss company Curaprox.

For making fillings and prosthetic replacements we use only first rate materials; GC (Japan), Ivoclar (Liechtenstein) products and products from other top global companies.

For endodontic treatment we use the Micro-mega system endodontic machines (Entran and Injet) and root canal filling is done using the Soft-core heated gutta-percha.

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