You’re not satisfied with the color, shape or the alignment of your front teeth, but you’re tired of covering your mouth and being ashamed of your smile? You want to laugh confidently and have the so called, Hollywood smile? Placing veneers, various methods of teeth whitening and replacing old fillings with esthetic composite ones can procure incredible transformations – quickly, painlessly and with no damage to the health of your teeth.


Three steps away from a beautiful, natural smile



Send a query or make an appointment. We will analyze your current state and wishes based on the sent query and smile photographs or on the conversation, appointment and dental photo at Smile Studio. Accordingly, we will suggest a most suitable therapy and compile a detailed offer.
Analysis, appointment, therapy suggestion and price offer are free of charge.

SMILE DESIGN In case you require a more complex esthetic smile adjustments, or the so called, Hollywood smile, we will make a simulation of the finished solution, first digitally and then live.

Preparations and dental impression

Teeth preparation, dental impression, design and setting of the temporary solution.
45-90 min

It takes 1-5 DAYS between two appointments to manufacture veneers based on the dental impression.

Veneer attachment

Checking the esthetic appearance of completed veneers and their permanent attachment.
30-60 min


Is veneer procedure expensive?

Smile Studio offers veneer procedure prices starting as low as 2200 kn. The price includes: teeth preparation, dental impression, manufacture and attachment of veneers.

Each patient has unique problems and wishes, and because of that optimal solutions differ from patient to patient. Send us a query or make an appointment and we’ll provide a therapy suggestion along with an accurate price offer, free of charge.

Will my new smile look natural?

Yes, your new teeth will look completely natural thanks to the material that flawlessly imitates dental enamel both in color and translucence. The light is reflected in the same way it is reflected on the natural tooth which gives the veneer a natural gleam. The material can display as much as 40 shades which enables you to choose a color that is identical to your teeth.

What material are the veneers made of? Are they permanent?

The veneers are made of ceramic. It is more firm than the natural teeth, which makes it exceptionally durable and long-lasting. Veneers don’t shade or change color thanks to the smooth and glass-like surface.

What will I look like in the meantime until the veneers are complete?

In the period of several days, while the veneers are being manufactured based on the dental impression, the patient is equipped with a temporary replacement that is satisfactory both in function and esthetics.

Does veneer attachment hurt?

No, veneer attachment procedure is painless in every of its stages. Teeth recontouring is very slight compared to the crown therapy (around 0.5 mm) and if it is necessary it can be done under local anesthesia. There are also the so called, non-prep veneers that don’t require any drilling preparation and so they allow immediate dental impression which makes the procedure completely painless.

Which flaws can be corrected through veneer attachment?

Veneers can correct esthetic flaws such as shaded and discolored teeth, unappealing teeth spacing or uneven sized teeth. In case of more complex issues we recommend making non metal ceramic crowns.

Is veneer attachment harmful in any way?

Veneers are very thin replacements (around 0.5 – 0.7mm) that are attached to the front, visible surface of the tooth using a special technique. Since necessary recontouring is minimal, there is no meaningful tooth damage. This procedure is also one of the ‘most gentle’ for the gums – no inflammations or tissue receding occurs. The results are beautiful teeth that look completely natural.



Did coffee, tea, red wine or smoking left traces on your teeth?

Teeth discoloration often strikes individual teeth and most frequently ‘dead’ (without a nerve) ones that were treated by an endodontic therapy also known as root canal therapy, necessary due to advanced-stage cavity or some other kind of trauma (a hit or something similar). We can ‘invigorate’ your ‘dead’ tooth in just several appointments!

Your teeth discoloration may also be traced back far to your childhood – why should you suffer and hide your smile because of early antibiotic usage, neonatal jaundice or porphyria?

Smile Studio gives you an opportunity to make your smile shine once again. Together, we can decide which of the most up-to-date materials and whitening methods suit you the most. The procedure can be done at the clinic, but we can also make a teeth whitening tray that you can apply at night. Just imagine, you’re sleeping and whitening your teeth at the same time. Amazing, isn’t it?


Replace your old amalgam fillings with new composite ones

Composite resin is a modern material which has completely dismissed the use of dark amalgam. In addition to the white color and alluring esthetic appearance, the composite resin also has a number of characteristics that make it superior compared to amalgam: better mechanical properties, better marginal closure, and less need for teeth drilling. If this isn’t reason enough, numerous research points to the toxicity of the amalgam fillings, or more precisely its components (mercury, copper, tin and silver) which can enter your body through your metabolic processes. The toxicity of amalgam is also related to neurological and digestive ailments and there is also possible relation to the occurrence of Alzheimer and Parkinson disease and multiple sclerosis. Amalgam fillings may be especially harmful for pregnant women since it has been proven that mercury precipitates in the kidney and liver of the fetus and it can also be transferred through breastfeeding.

Protect you health and embellish your smile – replace your amalgam fillings with composite ones!


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