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Hyaluronic acid is a component of our skin and its deficiency leads to wrinkle formation and unappealing facial esthetics. The amount of this component in the skin decreases through years but it can be replenished by injecting artificial hyaluron. A simple and quick hyaluron filler treatment can return the fresh and youthful appearance to your skin, increase the fullness of your lips and reshape the contours of your face. With instantaneous and noticeable results!
What can we achieve through hyaluron filler treatment?

Hyaluron filler is most frequently used to smooth out visible wrinkles and creases with the goal of restoring a youthful appearance. However, the application of hyaluron also spread to younger people (25 years onwards) as a wrinkle prevention method. It can also be used for increasing the fullness of the lips and reshaping facial contours.

The most frequent areas of use include: nasolabial folds (from the root of the nose to the edge of the mouth), glabellar lines (between the eyebrows) and the wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, but it can also be used for other areas.

What is a hyaluron dermal filler?

For the past 10 years, hyaluron dermal fillers became a golden standard when it comes to wrinkle treatment and facial revitalization. There are several reasons for the increase in the popularity of fillers and those are: compatibility with the skin and biodegrability, simple application, the short duration of the procedure and immediately visible results.

Hyaluron filler is a crystal clear gel that is injected into the skin (in some cases right under the skin) in very small doses in order to replenish its fullness and structure. Its content is very similar to hyaluronic acid found in the human organism. It doesn’t have an animal origin, which means that the risk of allergic or hypersensitive reactions is minimal.

How long-lasting is the effect of the treatment?

Hyaluron filler treatment is usually effective for 6-12 months, but with one additional treatment that effect can be prolonged for up to 18 following months. In order to prolong the effect of lip treatments it is necessary to have the second treatment within 6 months.

Does the treatment have any side effects?

After the hyaluron dermal filler treatment you may experience skin redness, bruising, swelling or skin sensitivity on the injected spot. Redness is usually gone within a couple of hours, while bruising and swelling disappear within several days.

After the treatment you are advised to avoid long exposure to the sun, visits to the sauna and tanning salon as well as pressing and massaging the treated facial area.

What is the price of the treatment?

Smile Studio uses Restylan fillers, one of the most notable filler producer in the world. The price of the filler is 300 kn per 0.1ml, while the total price of the treatment depends on the quantity of the used filler.

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