Loss of one or several teeth can be replaced in two ways: by attaching a crown or a bridge to an implant or by attaching a bridge to previously prepared adjacent (abutment) teeth that serve as the bridge support. Regardless of the method, you will regain permanent and flawless new teeth.

If you’re missing all teeth, there are several implant-based options to recover them. One of the procedures is the ‘All on 4’ method – placing four implants on the upper and lower jaw enables placing a temporary bridge; in this way the patient can regain stable teeth in the period of 24 hours.
However, if you wish to avoid dental implants you can choose the option of making a complete dental prosthesis.



What is an implant and when is it used?

An implant is a bone fixture made of high quality material – titanium and a specifically constructed piece that supports dental crowns and bridges that we use to replace one or several lost teeth.
In the case of a complete loss of teeth we can use the ‘All on 4’ method that enables us to place 4 implants in a toothless upper and lower jaw according to specific rules of the practice and in that way, in a single day, equip the jaw with an acrylic bridge. The acrylic bridge can later be replaced with a permanent prosthetic piece made of titanium acrylic.

What is the price of the implants?

Smile Studio offers dental implant therapy prices as low as 3800 kn. This price includes: analysis, implant piece, surgical placement of the implant with anesthesia and post-surgical control check-up. Send us a query or make an appointment and we’ll provide a therapy suggestion along with an accurate price offer, free of charge.
For detailed consulting on the implant procedure we require a digital, panoramic x-ray image i.e. an orthopan and a 3D x-ray scan.

Will my body accept the implant?

In the past 20 years the percentage of successful implant attachment was never as high as today (98%), observed regardless of the patient’s age. Today we have more understanding of the factors that affect the success of the implant case acceptance, so we can say with confidence that the implant rejection rate is at its minimum. The success of the dental implant therapy depends on numerous conditions, starting with good planning of the implant placing (that requires an x-ray scan analysis which determines whether or not an implant can be placed in the jaw), patient check-up, professionally executed surgical procedure and the type of implant used by the therapist.

What does the implanting procedure look like and how long does it last?

The implanting procedure is performed under local anesthesia by doctors specialized in implant dentistry, in a modern clinic with no pain involved. The procedure itself is very short – around 20 min for placing one implant to 120 min at most, when placing more implants.
After the procedure, the implants need to go through a healing period that lasts 4-6 months for the upper jaw and 2-3 months for the lower jaw, in order to completely attach to the bone. During that time the implants are not visible in the oral cavity since they’re located in the bone. It is possible to set a temporary solution during the implant healing period so that the patient can be esthetically and functionally taken care of.

How long does it take to recover after the implant surgery?

The recovery period is very short; you’ll be able to regularly go about your daily activities the next day after the surgery. We will give you all the necessary information regarding the recovery as well as anti-inflammation and pain relieving medication.
In order to speed up the recovery and the implant healing period, as well as to attain better bone condition, we use the PRGF-Endoret technology near the implant. Immediately before the surgical procedure, we take a small amount of the patient’s blood that we use to centrifugally draw plasma rich in growth factor which is then placed on the bone around the implant.

Which implants are used by the doctors at Smile Studio?

Smile Studio prides itself with certifications for working with several implant systems. Among this offer, we would like to highlight implants with a lifelong guarantee, made by a most notable world implant manufacturer Nobel Biocare, as well as the implants of Swedish enterprises AstraTech and AlphaBio.

Is it possible to immediately get a temporary solution?

We always make sure that our patients get some type of a temporary solution. If the situation allows it, the temporary teeth are placed on the implants during the same or the next day. Other solutions are possible depending on the situation and the positioning of other teeth.

How long do I need to wait for the permanent solution?

The entire procedure that includes the implanting surgery, healing period, dental impression and the placement of the permanent prosthetic piece takes 6-8 months when talking about the upper jaw and 3-5 months for the lower jaw.

Will the dental implants solve my problem once and for all?

It is wrong to think that implants can’t be affected by anything. When talking about the duration of a dental implant, it is necessary to note that implant dentistry requires team work between the implant dentist, the prosthetics specialist, the dental technician and naturally the patients themselves. In other words, all the links in this chain need to function flawlessly if we want to maintain a long-lasting dental implant. A very important condition for the longevity of the implant is oral hygiene and regular control check-ups (1-2 times a year). Lack of attentive dental hygiene leads to plaque formation that eventually turns into dental tartar which causes gum and bone receding. In this way the implant loses its bone support which, in extreme cases, leads to losing the implant (similar to periodontitis). If the patient is a smoker, the success of the procedure and long lasting implant maintenance is reduced.



How much does it cost to get a crown or bridge?

Smile Studio offers crown or bridge procedure prices starting as low as 1400 kn. The price for getting a crown or bridge includes: anesthesia, teeth preparation, dental impression, crown or bridge manufacture, fitting and placing the crown or bridge.
The price depends on the material that the crown or bridge is made of. Send us a query or make an appointment and we’ll provide a therapy suggestion along with an accurate price offer, free of charge.

What material are the crowns and bridges made of?

Permanent pieces that include crowns and bridges are made of ceramic which can flawlessly imitate the shade, translucence and liveliness of your tooth color. In addition to that, ceramic almost entirely imitates the characteristics of dental enamel, which makes it firm but also abrasive just like the natural tooth.
Depending on the type of support that the ceramic is cemented to, we can differentiate between metal-ceramic (standard solution where the ceramic is cemented to a metal base which assures firmness and longevity) and zircon-ceramic, the most up-to-date material used in modern prosthetics. If the situation allows it, it is also possible to make crowns or veneers entirely made of the material called Press ceramic.

What is a zircon-ceramic crown?

A natural diamond, as you are likely to agree, is a unique material that possesses exceptional firmness and beauty. Prosthetics recently started to incorporate one such, albeit artificially produced, material – zircon (Al-oxide), that is used as a replacement for the metal base of the crown. The adjusted non metal zircon base is white in color and so it enables us to perfect our results from the standpoint of esthetics. These pieces are manufactured through the use of computers and they display such a precision of design that enables perfect alignment of the piece and attachment with the gingva, achieving a color that can’t be obtained any other way.

What will I look like in the meantime, until the entire procedure is done?

During the period of several days, while the crown or bridge is being manufactured according to the dental impression, the patient is given a temporary replacement that is satisfying both functionally and esthetically

Is the crown setting procedure painful?

It isn’t, crown or bridge placement process doesn’t include pain in any stage. Dental recontouring is done under local anesthesia.

What is the price for making a prosthesis?

Smile Studio offers prosthetic procedure prices starting as low as 2400 kn. The price includes: dental impression, prosthesis manufacture, prosthesis fittings and a final prosthesis setting.
Send us a query or make an appointment and we’ll provide a therapy suggestion along with an accurate price offer, free of charge.

What material is the dental prosthesis made of?

Dental prosthesis can be entirely acrylic or skeletal – made from a metal base coated in acrylic.

In which cases can the dental prosthesis be a suitable solution?

Unlike the permanent prosthetic pieces (bridges and crowns), a dental prosthesis cannot be permanently attached. Prosthesis is the only solution for the patients that lost all teeth but for a specific reason can’t or don’t wish to have implants.

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