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After you fill out and send the following form, we will contact you as quickly as possible (usually within the same working day) in order to arrange the precise date of your appointment.

For any additional information you can reach us via email: [email protected] or by calling +385 51 678 678 ili 678 679

    Name and surname*



    Year of birth

    Reason for the appointment*

    Problem description and wishes
    Can you describe your problem in more detail? Do you have any additional problems like pain or tooth sensitivity? What would you like your new smile to look like?

    Additional questions
    If you have any questions regarding the solution to your problem, therapy methods, duration, payment option or anything else, feel free to ask.

    I want a solution suggestion with a therapy plan and a price offer

    Send us a panoramic scan of the teeth (up to 10 MB)

    Send us a photograph of your smile (one .zip or .rar file)

    Why do we need all this information?

    The information we require from you, helps us suggest a best possible solution and design an offer that is adjusted to your needs. All your personal data is safe with us and will be used exclusively for aforementioned purposes.

    Panoramic scan

    Without a panoramic scan of the jaw it is impossible to suggest a detailed solution and therapy plan. You can make a free of charge, first appointment, at the Smile Studio where you will be given a therapy plan along with the price offer.

    Smile photograph

    In order to suggest a solution and therapy plan for esthetic change of your teeth, we need sharp photos of your current smile from two angles. It would help us a lot to also have the photo of your upper and lower teeth (see the example). You can also make a free of charge, first appointment, at the Smile Studio where you will be given a therapy plan and a price offer.